Scholar’s Showcase

In 2014, CECS ODI launched RAMA (Research and Mentoring Activities)- a program designed to encourage engineering and computer science underrepresented undergraduate students to pursue a masters and/or doctoral degree. Within this program,  RAMA participants are provided a scholarship to conduct research or maintain an internship while being mentored by a faculty member, graduate students and/or industry personnel. In 2015, Texas Instruments provided our office a financial sponsorship to expand our RAMA program to include a banquet that will showcase the work of our scholarship recipients. During this event,  scholars will have an opportunity to present their research and their internship experience in the presence of their peers, colleagues, mentor(s) and sponsors. Awards are given to each participant to show our appreciation in their efforts and to encourage them to continue their work in research and/or an internship.

The next Scholar’s Showcase will be held on April 27, 2018 at 5:00pm in the Morgridge International Reading Center.