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CECS Office of Diversity & Inclusion recognizes the importance of diversity as part of the students’ educational experience and is dedicated to increasing our efforts to retain, provide assistance, offer resources and foster a diverse and inclusive environment for CECS students, faculty and staff members.


To increase the quantity and quality of talented engineers and computer scientists from diverse backgrounds entering the workforce through our high quality college programs designed to help our students succeed.


To make CECS Office of Diversity & Inclusion’s initiatives Visible, Intentional and a Priority through education and support with respect to individual differences.


To develop strategies and programs that will include the unique contributions of ideas and talents from the CECS community so that the education pillars of CECS, our institution, our community, and our society as a whole will be strengthened.

Core Values

Differences in perspectives build strength

Inclusiveness of all

Valuing our differences

Equality in opportunities

Respect of others

Sensitivity to others

Innovation in global education

Tolerance of differences

You can make a difference