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The Knight Hacks hackathon is a 36-hour hackathon hosted by Knight Hacks, a welcoming technology community at UCF. A hackathon is best described as an invention marathon where students interested in technology come together to build software and hardware products, learn from peers and industry mentors, and develop their skills. Students work around-the-clock in teams of up to four to develop a project before the end of the weekend. The environment of a hackathon is overwhelmingly positive, supportive, and educational. Please Note: Knight Hacks welcomes students of all backgrounds, skill levels, and academic majors. Most importantly, Knight Hacks is a free event for students attendees!

Why Knight hacks?

Knight Hack’s mission is to create a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive tech community. There are two things we are doing at Knight Hacks, which we believe sets us apart from the crowd. The first is that we’re obsessed with making sure that each student who attends our hackathon feels appreciated and given the opportunity to grow. The second is that we really care about diversity and inclusion – so much that we’ve partnered with SHPE, SWE, the CECS Office of Diversity & Inclusion and Career Services. Beyond that, our central location makes it easy for students from both north and south Florida to attend. As a tier-one research institution with world-renowned programming and cybersecurity teams, UCF’s standard of excellence is extremely high. The size of our student body – the fourth largest in the US – gives us strength. We truly strive to give students from all majors and backgrounds a place to expand and explore their interests and creative capabilities. For more information, please visit


If you are interested in donating to the mission of Knight Hacks, please email Dr. Gordon at