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The mission of the Scholastic Association of Graduates in Engineering (SAGE) is to work collaboratively with institutional leaders and corporate partners to enhance student success; advocate the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion in graduate education; and foster a sense of belonging amongst graduate students in engineering and computer science.

SAGE Objectives:
  • To strengthen the recruitment, retention, and time-to-graduation rates of CECS graduate students.
  • To build a culturally competent and inclusive environment for CECS graduate students to thrive.
  • To serve as a liaison among CECS faculty, administrators, staff members, and graduate students.
  • To provide leadership, mentorship, and scholarship opportunities for CECS graduate students.
  • To assist in the professional development and community engagement of CECS graduate students.
SAGE activities:
  • Monthly general body meetings to engage members in an interactive dialogue on: 1) Academic Advising 2) Professional Development 3) Research and Technical Skills and 4) Work-Life Balance.
  • Bi-annual socials to pair incoming graduate students with current graduate students.
  • Bi-annual community engagement activities.
  • Quarterly corporate tours to local STEM companies.
  • Quarterly corporate mixers that will assist current graduate students in: 1) Making new contacts with STEM professionals 2) Identifying corporations who are in the process of recruiting domestic and international graduate students 3) Facilitating opportunities to serve as a liaison between CECS graduate students and company officials.
  • An annual innovation awards dinner for members to showcase their research and network with corporations.
SAGE Requirements:
  • Be a UCF graduate student majoring in engineering or computer science; or an undergraduate student participating in the CECS Accelerated BS to MS Degree Program.
  • Have a grade point average of a 3.0 or higher.
  • Attend a minimum of three SAGE events, programs or services each semester.
  • Grant SAGE, CECS ODI and CECS Graduate Affairs the permission to use your photo, video footage, and its likeness for their websites, publications, and other forms of communication.
  • Complete an annual assessment on your experience in SAGE.

If you are interested in becoming a member of SAGE, please contact the SAGE President at