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IGNITE (Impact, Grow, Network, Innovate, Translate and Educate in STEM) was created to support the academic, personal, professional and cultural development of students in science, technology, engineering and mathematicsĀ  majors. STEM students are provided the necessary tools that will assist them in their preparation to become active citizens in the advancement of STEM literacy through the use of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, art, communication, education and community resources.

Participation Guidelines:

  • Be enrolled in one of the following areas: biology, biomedical sciences, biotechnology, chemistry, forensic science, computer science, information technology, engineering, mathematics, or physics (or be a graduate student enrolled in one of these areas).
  • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.
  • Attend twelve IGNITE I-Socials in the academic year. If you are unable to attend a session, you must submit the following: prior notification; documentation; and an alternative workshop (related to the topic) to the IGNITE Coordinator.
  • Annually, compose a letter sharing your experience on how the IGNITE retention program has benefitted you. Letters must be sent via email to
  • Attend ALL meetings scheduled by the CECS Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Complete ALL assessments distributed by the CECS Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Exercise and maintain the UCF Creed and the UCF Golden Rule.