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The National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) was created to enrich society with an American workforce that champions diversity in STEM by increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in engineering and computer science. In order to meet their mission, NACME provides nationwide college scholarships for underrepresented minorities pursuing degrees at schools of engineering. Selected candidates will receive a $1,250 scholarship per semester.

NACME Participation Guidelines:
  • Attend ALL meetings scheduled by CECS ODI.
  • Maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher.
  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student majoring in engineering or computer science.
  • Participate in the IMAGE mentoring program: Incoming NACME scholars must meet the requirements and expectations of IMAGE. Continuing NACME scholars have the option of participating in IMAGE. Please Note: If a continuing NACME scholar decides to participate in IMAGE, the student must fulfill the requirements and expectations of the program.
  • Participate in IGNITE: NACME scholars must attend six IGNITE sessions each academic year.
  • Participate in DIVE: NACME scholars must participate in an internship and/or research experience in the fall, spring and/or summer semesters that is multidisciplinary, innovative and/or entrepreneurial.
    • Participate in an internship experience with a corporate mentor: NACME scholars must identify and notify CECS ODI of a corporate representative who has agreed to serve as a mentor for the duration of their internship experience (in the fall and spring semesters). A PowerPoint must be completed.
    • Participate in a research experience with a CECS faculty mentor: NACME scholars must identify and notify CECS ODI of a UCF faculty member who has agreed to serve as a mentor for the duration of their research experience (in the fall and springs semesters). A research poster must be completed.
  • Participate in the Scholars’ Showcase: NACME scholars must participate in CECS ODI’s annual Scholars’ Showcase. During this event, scholars will present a research poster (if in a research position) or PowerPoint (if in an internship) that showcases their DIVE experience.
  • Participate in NACME’s Online Resume Directory: NACME scholars must upload and update their resumes in the NACME Online Resume Directory annually.
  • Grant the university permission to release your academic transcript to NACME with the understanding that this transcript may be reviewed for appropriate academic progress.
  • Annually, write a letter sharing your experience on how the NACME Program has benefited you. Letters must be sent via email to
  • Grant permission to NACME and CECS ODI for the use of your photo and its likeness for NACME and/or CECS ODI publications and communications.
  • Complete the NACME Exit Survey, prior to your graduation or withdrawal from the NACME program.

If you are interested in being a recipient of the NACME Scholarship, please apply through the myUCF student portal by June 30, 2022.