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Jason Craig Davis

Electrical and Computer Engineering
I am Jason Davis, a Computer Engineering Senior. I am currently the President of the National Society of Black Engineers, as well as a Resident Assistant for UCF Housing. My vision as an inaugural member of the CECS EID Taskforce is to communicate that equity, diversity, and inclusion are necessary for any institution to achieve success. Additionally, my mission is to provide under-represented groups within STEM the equipment they need to arm themselves for academic, financial, and inner success. I would also like to collaborate with different companies to provide these students with job opportunities and workshops that will develop them professionally. A future goal of mine is to own a company that creates drones to deliver medical supplies, clothing, and living resources to third-world countries. Additionally, I would like to create an organization for K-12 students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. This organization's purpose is to promote their well-being and provide them with resources and opportunities. The conflicts that has arisen in this country have impacted us all in many ways but will not tear down our passion and strength to support our community. The EID Taskforce will be your support system and please do not hesitate to reach out if you require help for anything.