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The CECS Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CECS ODI) mission is to engage collaboratively with collegiate and corporate partners to support the retention of underrepresented students and create opportunities for faculty and staff involvement in diverse and inclusive activities.

We believe that the unique contributions of ideas and talents from a diverse student body will strengthen the education pillars of CECS, our institution, our community and society as a whole. Our office is committed to mentoring these students to foster professional growth, life-long learning and to help them in their goals of becoming the engineering and computer science professionals of tomorrow.

Currently, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is working towards establishing local and international partnerships to assist us in providing academic scholarships, industrial experience, research experience, service-learning projects, career and college development workshops and symposiums to our students.

We ask that you consider becoming a partner by providing one of the following:

  • Guest Speakers
    • Identify corporate representatives who will serve as a speaker for a virtual event with CECS ODI or its partner student organizations.
  • Employment Opportunities
    • Assign recruiters to prepare our underrepresented students for future employment opportunities within your corporation.
  • Sponsorships
    • Provide a financial sponsorship to assist our program development in meeting the needs of our underrepresented students. This sponsorship can also be given to run a program or scholarship program designed by the sponsor to be facilitated by CECS ODI.

For more information on how to partner, please contact Dr. Gordon at